Archie the Giant Squid

Archie the Giant Squid

Called in to the NHM to visit an old friend I’d not see for a few years last week, Archie the Giant Squid.

During the 90's I cleaned and repaired the bulk Gas Oil tanks feeding the main boilers at the NHM Kensington.

This in turn led to being tasked with draining an exhibit tank down containing a Coelacanth, known as the 'Living Fossil' so it could be re-displayed elsewhere, this was preserved in Formalin, a very aggressive solution.

Some time later I attended to drain further tanks down in the old Spirit Building. Main difference being one had an 8.25 metre Architeuthis Dux (Giant Squid) in it and various other specimens preserved in alcohol.

It involved manufacturing mobile receptacles for the larger specimens that could contain and preserve as we transported them to the NHM Wandsworth storage department whilst the new Darwin Centre was being constructed.

It was a really interesting project which gave me access to areas and specimens that you wouldn’t usually see as a member of the public.