With decades of experience across all oil service sectors, Gastech Ltd is the name to call for reliable, effective and quality results. You can find full details of our services across the pages of this website and we welcome enquiries at any time; contact us today to discuss your requirements and arrange a survey and quotation.


Full range of Fuel Oil related support incorporating Fuel polishing services, temporary site storage, oil spill clearance, effluent control, design and consultancy services.


We are a Registered Waste Carrier and operate in accordance with The Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road and European ADR Regulations, Gastech is an authorised holder of a "Certificate of Registration" under the Control of Pollution Act (Amendment) 1989,

All wastes arising from contracts undertaken by Gastech will be dealt with in accordance with the Environment Agency Consignment Notes (Special Waste) Act 1996.


With over 30 years experience in the the Oil industry, offering a wide range of specialist services, Gastech today consults and actions for clients in both  domestic and European markets.

Contracts with oil companies and Public Sector Departments have always been a significant part of the business focus, with  projects ranging from the decommissioning of Bulk Fuel tanks at the BBC Elstree "Eastenders" studios, to the  removal and safe transportation of prehistoric specimens for the Natural History Museum